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Installation guide - Windows

This post is a guide for installing RATS on Windows

1. Download and unzip the RATS HW V1.0 driver for Windows followed by installing the drivers by running SETUP.EXE

2. Plug in your RATS. Sometimes a reboot may be required in order for the computer to recognize the CH340 chip in the unit. (NOTE!: Both USB-cables must be connected.)

3. Download the latest version of the RATS software from http://ratsys.net/software.php and unzip it.

4. Make sure your RATS is plugged in and that the drivers are correctly installed. Then simply run start_rats.exe to start the software.


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Re: Installation guide - Windows

First startup issue - Unable to find a RATS unit!

If your computer recognizes the CH340 chip in your RATS. But you still get a message that says that no RATS could be found when you run start_rats.exe. Then you need to follow the following steps once. (You can check in your device manager if the computer recognizes the CH340 chip)

1. Go to the folder sys located in the RATS folder
2. Run start.exe and uncheck Alway ask before opening this file followed by "Run" (error messages can occur, but ignore them and continue).
3. After start.exe is closed, do the same with Recive.exe and RATS.exe.
4. Close RATS.exe and go to RATS main folder.
5. Run start_rats.exe



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