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Installation guide - Linux

This post is a guide for installing RATS on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, ....).

1. Start your terminal and run: sudo apt-get update followed by: sudo apt-get install mono-complete.

2. Add your user to the dialout group using the following command: sudo adduser my-user dialout (Replace my-user with your username). You must logout and back in again in order for this to take effect.

3. Download and unzip the RATS software: wget http://ratsys.net/download/RATS_0_2_2V.zip followed by unzip RATS_0_2_2V.zip

4. Now is a good time to plug in the RATS-unit (if not already done) NOTE!: Both USB-cables must be connected.

5. Go to the folder /RATS using: cd RATS and then start the software by running: mono start_rats.exe


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