Chat and send files without internet

RATS is a wireless communication system that allows people to send encrypted messages without internet.

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What is RATS?

RAdio Transceiver System allows you to send encrypted messages and small files between two or more computers running Windows, Linux or Mac OS X without using Internet. Simply plug in the USB cable and start the RATS software and you are ready to communicate with another RATS unit.

Technical Specification

Frequency: 420-452Mhz
Max Transmitter Power Output: 100mW | 20dBm
Connector: SMA-M (Antenna) | SMA-F (RATS-Unit) Modulation: FSK
Transfer speed: 2.40KB / sec
Information transfer speed: > 1KB / sec
Range: approximately 1 km with 100mW TPO


If you have entered an encryption password, then all your messages and files will be encrypted with AES-256. RATS also uses a randomized salt, which means that all encrypted data will generate unique encrypted strings. For example if you send exactly the same message 100 times with the same encryption password, the encrypted data will always be unique, even though it contains the exact same message.

RATS-Unit (Prototype)